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Strategy Pattern Code in Java

The following is an example of a file compression tool where a zip or rar file is created.
The Strategy interface is defined first:

package com.java.behavioral.strategy;
//Strategy Interface
public interface CompressionStrategy{
  public void compressFiles(ArrayList files);

Two implementations are provided,
  1. one for zip and
  2. one for rar

package com.java.behavioral.strategy;
public class ZipCompressionStrategy implements CompressionStrategy{  
  public void compressFiles(ArrayList<File> files){
    //using ZIP approach

package com.java.behavioral.strategy;
public class RarCompressionStrategy implements CompressionStrategy{
   public void compressFiles(ArrayList<File > files){
     //using RAR approach

The context will provide a way for the client to compress the files.
Assume there is a preferences setting in our application that sets which compression algorithm to use.
We can change our strategy using the setCompressionStrategy method in the Context.

package com.java.behavioral.strategy;
public class CompressionContext{
   private CompressionStrategy strategy;   

   //this can be set at runtime by the application preferences
   public void setCompressionStrategy(CompressionStrategy strategy){
       this.strategy = strategy;  

  //use the strategy
   public void createArchive(ArrayList<File> files){

All the client has to do now is pass through the files to the CompressionContext

package com.java.behavioral.strategy;
public class Client{
 public static void main(String[] args){
  CompressionContext ctx = new CompressionContext(); 
  //we could assume context is already set by preferences 
  ctx.setCompressionStrategy(new ZipCompressionStrategy());     
  //get a list of files