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Lesson 4Common behavioral patterns
ObjectiveDescribe the Common Behavioral Patterns.

Describe Common Behavioral Patterns known

There are many popular behavioral design patterns which you will encounter while writing code or developing software. The SlideShow below briefly describes seven common behavioral patterns:

The same patterns displayed in the above Slide Show are described once again below.
  1. The Chain of Responsibility allows an even further decoupling between classes, by passing a request between classes until it is recognized.
  2. The Command pattern provides a simple way to separate execution of a command from the interface environment that produced it, and
  3. The Iterator pattern formalizes the way we move through a list of data within a class.
  4. The Mediator defines how communication between classes can be simplified by using another class to keep all classes from having to know about each other.
  5. The Observer pattern defines the way a number of classes can be notified of a change,
  6. The Strategy pattern encapsulates an algorithm inside a class,
  7. The Visitor pattern adds function to a class,

Common Behavioral Patterns - Quiz

Here is a short quiz on the material we have just covered.
Common Behavioral Patterns - Quiz