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Singleton Pattern - Exercise Result

Using the Singleton Pattern

You entered:

What are the characteristics of the Panda Class?
The Panda class can be written by simply changing a few names in one of the two implementations in the lesson.

Java Code C++ Code

Here is the Java version:
public class Panda {
 static Panda thePanda = new Panda ();
 protected Panda () {
 public static Panda getThePanda() {
  return thePanda;

Here's the C++ version:
class Panda {
    static Panda* getThePanda(){
       if (thePanda == 0) {
           thePanda = new Panda;
          return thePanda;
    static Panda* thePanda;
Panda* Panda::thePanda = 0;
Notice that the word "Singleton" no longer appears in the class.